New Oil to be in Tacoma Community College Juried Exposition

"Playing Cuenca" Oil on Canvas 2019

After many years (at least 8), I have recently returned to my first love, oils. There is something about them that always transposes me into another dimension. My process, beginning with an under layer, remains the same. What I love about oils is the ability to layer; the ability to mush things around to see what emerges. Oils take time, patience and that suits me right now. I call this little one “Playing Cuenca” with a nod to that gorgeous Spanish city, its houses built into cliffs. The cliffs in this work are the paint layers, each giving into one another to create a different light and image.

It will be included in the 18th annual Tacoma Community College Juried Exposition June 24 to August 13. The gallery is open 10 – 5 Monday through Friday on days the college is open. Do stop by and take a look. I would love to hear your thoughts on my return to my favorite medium…email me.