Artist’s Statement

My paintings are alive with color and shapes that are sometimes figurative, sometimes landscape based.  They are intended to be simultaneously stimulating and contemplative.  As I paint while listening to jazz, viewers will often see rhythmic and colorful patterns.  I do not go into my studio with a pre-conceived idea but I allow the painting to evolve as I physically interact with the paint and let the emotional center of the painting come to light.  As I have been painting daily for over 45 years, I have come more and more to believe in the spirituality of beauty.  With all the daily turmoil in our world, I strive for my paintings to be my contribution, in the most human way possible, to the creation, celebration, of grace and beauty. I get no greater pleasure than when someone tells me how they made a personal discovery in one of my paintings; how my paintings make them smile; how a painting is a daily refreshment in their life. That’s the greatest gift I, as an artist, can give to my world – joy.